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Choose a Top International Nursery in Bangkok For Your Child

As parents, we all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education. The quality of early years schooling lays the foundation for a child’s future development and prospects. For expat parents settling in a new city like Bangkok in Thailand, the task of finding a suitable international nursery that upholds high standards can be both daunting and crucial.

Enrol Your Child in an International Kindergarten in Bangkok

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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, and like all capital cities, it has the greatest concentration of foreign industries, NGOs, embassies and diplomatic missions. The people who staff these organisations come from all over the world and have different beliefs, religions, and cultures. Being based far from home, these expats naturally bring their families with them and set up a new home in Bangkok.

Noddy by Elizabeth’s International Pre-school Fees

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When choosing an international pre-school, the fees are just one of the many factors that parents consider. Aside from the school’s tuition fees, its teaching staff, facilities, and curriculum are often among the deciding factors as well. After all, parents recognise that they are investing in their child’s future. Learn About Our International Pre-School During[…]

Tips to Help Children Overcome Learning Loss After COVID

The global pandemic has had a lasting effect on both adults and children. While adults were better equipped to cope with the stress and isolation of the worldwide catastrophe, young children are far more vulnerable, with many unable to fully grasp why they couldn’t attend school to spend time with their friends. The impact on[…]

A Day of Fun at Our International Kindergarten in Sathorn Bangkok

Parents looking for a quality English language international kindergarten developmental education for their child are invited to visit Noddy by Elizabeth in Bangkok. The school is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Sathorn area of the city. Our highly respected preschool and kindergarten has been a fixture in Bangkok for 44 years.   Noddy by[…]

Bangkok’s Noddy Nursery and Pre-Schools Teaches the British EYFS Curriculum

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Parents put the utmost importance on their children’s education, especially at the nursery stage, where a child’s brain development is happening at a rapid pace. A child’s development from birth to five years can have a significant impact on their future. It’s also during the pre-school years when a large part of their personality is formed. That’s why a curriculum that focuses on character development is just as important as one that is based on academic performance, as this can have wide-ranging impacts on a child’s development in his later years.