Kids Learn Compassion at Noddy by Elizabeth

As part of your child’s early years education at Noddy by Elizabeth, we feel it’s important to develop their sense of compassion and charity. What time could be more fitting than the holidays to teach this vital lesson about the joys of giving?

Our international school in Sathorn has been operating in Bangkok since 1978. During this time, we’ve been fortunate enough to establish many ties with the community. These ties include many charitable organisations like the Father Ray Foundation and the Foundation for Children. 

Every year during the holiday season, we ask the parents of our students to gift wrap a gift that would be appropriate for a child the same age as their own child. We ask them to place these gifts under the Christmas tree at the front entrance to our school. The children attending our school learn that these presents are to be given to children who aren’t as fortunate as they are. This teaches the children the important concept of compassion and instils in them a love of giving and awareness that they are part of a caring community.

Learning the Meaning of Compassion

We invite parents to actively include their children in the process of picking out the gift and wrapping it. We want children to learn the joy of giving as an important part of their emotional and social development and not just see it as a homework task to be completed. By sharing the act of giving, parents help develop a compassionate young member of the community who cares about those around them.

By playing a part in picking out the gift, wrapping paper, and bows, the child develops a bond with those less fortunate than themselves and may hopefully form an interest in the circumstances of those around them in the community. 

Children naturally like to share things with their friends, but in teaching them the concept of compassion, we expand the sharing concept to include people they may never have met. This represents the next step in their emotional and social development. 

To develop a sense of caring about everyone around them is to start understanding the true meaning of compassion. At our Noddy by Elizabeth international school in Sathorn, we try to bring real-life meaning to as many lessons as we can to underline the importance of their education and their place in the community. This includes making the children aware of where their presents are ultimately going and the joy they will bring to other children just like themselves.

Charities in Thailand

All of the presents donated by the families of our students will be donated to child-related charitable organisations in Thailand. We want to introduce you to two of the most important charitable foundations for children that we are supporting.

Father Ray Foundation

Father Raymond A. Brennan C.Ss.R. served the children of Thailand for over 29 years. He became a father to hundreds of abandoned babies, neglected children, and abused teenagers in Thailand. 

The Father Ray Foundation was established to provide homes, meals, education, medical assistance, and opportunities to the disadvantaged children of Thailand. All the services of the Father Ray Foundation are provided free of charge to the children in their care thanks to the generosity of their supporters and sponsors.

Foundation for Children

The Foundation for Children was founded 43 years ago, in 1979, along with the Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights. Since then, they’ve been tirelessly working to provide an alternative education community for educational reform. 

They are an educational presence that raises the quality of the education provided in 126 schools throughout Thailand. Sick children in hospitals also receive books from “story carts” in paediatric wards that the Foundation for Children sponsors. 

Join Noddy by Elizabeth

This holiday season, why not join the parents and students at Noddy by Elizabeth. Please help us support the Father Ray Foundation, the Foundation for Children, and all the other child-related worthy causes that are working hard to provide homes, education, health care, and a brighter future to disadvantaged children in Thailand.