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Welcome to the Noddy by Elizabeth Pre-School Video Page! Here, we offer you an intimate glimpse into the heart of our educational community. Through a series of carefully curated videos, explore various aspects of our school that make us the preferred choice for early childhood education in Bangkok.

  • Feedback from Parents: Listen to the voices of parents who’ve entrusted us with their children’s education. Discover why Noddy by Elizabeth stands out for them.

  • About Teachers: Meet our passionate educators who create an enriching environment for your child. Learn about their qualifications and teaching methods.

  • About Management: Gain insights into the meticulous planning and execution behind Noddy by Elizabeth’s successful operation over the years.

  • About Playgroup: Understand how our ‘Free-Flow-Play’ approach helps children to develop creativity and self-confidence through guided yet independent activities.

  • About Founder: Hear from Mrs. Elizabeth, the visionary who established Noddy by Elizabeth in 1978, and learn about the philosophy that drives our institution.

This video series aims to provide you with comprehensive information, capturing the essence of what makes Noddy by Elizabeth a unique and nurturing space for young minds.

Feedback from parents

Voices from our Teachers

Interviewing the Management Team

What children do at Noddy?

Interviewing the Founder