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Parenting Tips: Episode 18 (Nurturing Imagination)

Nurturing imagination through play can help young children develop the skills to think or solve problems creatively.

Examples of fun activities are

  • Dressing Up

  • Role Playing

  • Storytelling

  • Free-Flow Arts

Let’s give children the freedom to think and learn through imaginative play. It’s also important to ask them to tell their imaginative stories, new playing rules or things they invent. They will feel valued and encouraged to keep using their imaginative mind, which will be a good foundation to develop other essential life skills like critical thinking and creative problem-solving. 

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1 Noddy


The main building is purpose-built as a pre-school centre. The building is constructed of brick and concrete, and consists of 3 stories, with the gymnasium and assembly hall on the third floor.

2 Expert

Expert Staff

There are 29 staff comprising 8 class teachers, 11 teaching assistants, 3 specialised teachers for (music, swimming and PE),3 admissions & administrative staff and 4 management staff.

3 Map


Noddy Playgroup was established in 1978, over 45 years ago, by Mrs. Elizabeth in response to an evident need for such an establishment of a care centre for expatriate communitiesin the city of Bangkok.

4 Curriculum


Noddy by Elizabeth applies the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a British curriculum, with emphasis on the Free-Flow play method, whilst always being conscious of the ‘seven areas of learning and development’.

Why Noddy by Elizabeth?

What better place for your “little ones” than a purpose-built pre-school centre situated in a quiet cul-de-sac with little through traffic! We accept children of all nationalities from eighteen months to six years. All classes are conducted in the English language.

Our classes are small, and our caring staff are constantly encouraging children to adopt a friendly and helpful attitude towards each other. It is a pleasure to see how they develop their abilities and self-confidence as they move through the classes, knowing they will be ready to enter primary school well-prepared to join the next stage of their education. Our fees are very competitive and enable parents to prepare for the years ahead.

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Noddy encourages creativity in children
Children are urged to have fun while learning
A student helps paint a mural
A child learns about colours while painting


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