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Parenting Tips: Episode 13 (Happy Pre-schoolers)

What outcome would you like to see when young children join a Pre-school?.

  • Their confidence to do things by themselves
  • Their smile and happiness
  • Their kindness and friendship
  • Their unlimited creativity

Let’s allow our children to use their full imagination and experience things.

It is the right attitude towards learning and life skills that matter as they will benefit them in the future.

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1 Noddy


The main building is purpose-built as a pre-school centre. The building is constructed of brick and concrete, and consists of 3 stories, with the gymnasium and assembly hall on the third floor.

2 Expert

Expert Staff

There are 27 full-time staff comprising 7 class teachers, 12 teaching assistants, a swimming teacher, 5 administrative staff and 2 other general staff, comprising of

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NODDY was established in 1978, over 44 years ago by the current owner in response to an edivdent need for such provision in the city of Bangkok.

4 Curriculum


NODDY applies the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), a British curriculum, with emphasis on the Free-Flow method, always being conscious of the ‘five areas of learning’.

Why Noddy by Elizabeth?

What better for for your “little ones”, than a purpose-built pre-school centre situated in a quiet cul-de-sac with minimum through traffic! We accept chrildren of all nationalities aged from eighteen months to six years. All classes are conducted in English language.

Our classes are small and our caring staff are constantly aware of encouraging children to grow up with a friendly and helpful attitde towards each other. It is a pleasure to see how they grow up in ability and self-confidence as they move through the classes and to know that they will be ready to enter primary school, well prepared to join the next stage of their education. Our fees are very competitive and enable parents to prepare for the years ahead when their chrildren progress through the future years of their school journey.

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Bangkok’s Noddy Nursery and Pre-Schools Teaches the British EYFS Curriculum

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