Learning Activities

The Noddy by Elizabeth campus is a hub for an array of stimulating activities that are as engaging as they are educational. One such event that our young students particularly look forward to is the World Bike day. During this special event, children are encouraged to learn how to ride bicycles, not only as a fun activity but also as an essential life skill. It serves as a great opportunity for kids to improve their motor skills while learning about bike safety and the importance of physical activity.

As the holiday season approaches, the Christmas Artwork session becomes a favorite among our little artists. With a variety of art supplies at their disposal, the children are free to express their creativity by drawing and painting festive scenes, which often become cherished keepsakes for their families.

Our Learn Through Play initiative encompasses a range of activities designed to make education as fun as possible. Whether it’s drawing, swimming, or doing physical exercises, each activity aims to promote holistic development. One particularly fun session involves molding clay, where the children get a hands-on experience that not only enhances their creativity but also fine-tunes their motor skills.

The Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without our Christmas Cookies baking session. Donning their little chef hats, the children dive into the world of culinary arts. This activity not only fills the air with the delightful scent of freshly baked cookies but also teaches children the basics of following a recipe, measuring ingredients, and most importantly, the joy of making something with their own hands.

Each of these activities serves a unique purpose, designed to offer a balanced blend of learning and fun. From improving motor skills and creativity to imparting essential life skills and cultural awareness, Noddy by Elizabeth strives to provide a well-rounded education that prepares our young students for the exciting journey ahead.

2023 World Bike

Christmas Artwork

Making Christmas Cookies