A Day of Fun at Our International Kindergarten in Sathorn Bangkok

Parents looking for a quality English language international kindergarten developmental education for their child are invited to visit Noddy by Elizabeth in Bangkok. The school is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Sathorn area of the city. Our highly respected preschool and kindergarten has been a fixture in Bangkok for 44 years.  

Noddy by Elizabeth teaches a curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the standard developmental education adopted by the British education system. The EYFS focuses on the ‘five areas of learning’ for children 18 months to 6 years of age. Within this curriculum, Noddy uses the ‘Free-Flow-Play’ technique, which encourages children to lead their own activities with close observation, guidance, and support from the teachers and assistants. 

The children learn the benefits of friendly cooperation and helping each other. The social, communication, and listening skills they learn serve them well all through their education. The emotional and attention development, fine motor skills, and early maths and literacy skills help the children develop poise and self-confidence in their abilities as they explore the world around them. It also forms a habit of joy for reading, which is one of the most advantages when they move on to higher education.

We have 25 full-time, dedicated staff at Noddy by Elizabeth, including 7 class teachers, 2 external music and physical education teachers, and 10 teaching assistants. 

Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

The facilities at Noddy are spacious, clean, bright, and well-ventilated. The main 3-storey school building houses classrooms for nursery classes up to the K2 age group. There is also a gymnasium and an assembly hall on the third floor. The main building also has an arts and crafts classroom, a cooking classroom, and a sick bay area. 

The outdoor facilities span several hectares and include a grassy playfield, a library, a shaded nursery playground, a shaded swimming pool where the children can cool off on hot days, as well as slides and climbing structures on a rubber-surface playground.

Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Our daily schedules are designed to keep young minds active and engaged. The schedules include free time for children to explore subjects of interest, interspersed with structured class time.

K0 Daily Schedule

The K0 class starts their day at 8:30 with a 15-minute assembly. This allows the children time to greet their teachers and classmates and get ready to enjoy their day at school. 

At 8:45, the children head outside to the playground and enjoy 45 minutes of structured play that includes games and activities. 

Every day at 9:15 they will have 15 minutes to enjoy a morning snack and indulge themselves in free play once they’ve finished their snack on Tuesday and Thursday. Free play will last until 9:30 on Tuesdays and 10:20 on Thursdays. On Tuesdays, the kids will enjoy supervised field time on our grassy lawn from 9:55 to 10:20. 

At 9:30 on Mondays and Fridays, the children will have swimming classes. After their time in the pool, they can relax with a snack until 10:20. After they’re finished eating, they can enjoy free play time until Circle Time at 11:35.

At 10:20 on Tuesdays every other week, the children will have a cooking class. The class will concentrate on developing motor skills like pouring liquid ingredients, mixing ingredients in a bowl, and rinsing and straining fresh vegetables and fruits. 

At 10:20 on Thursdays, the kids get to stretch their legs and work on their athletic skills in gym class. After gym class is finished, they can enjoy free time to play games and explore activities until Circle Time at 11:35.

On Wednesdays, at 9:30, the kids will get to enjoy field time until 9:55, when they’ll be able to explore the games and activities that catch their interest. Following field time, the children will enjoy a snack and then be free to pursue any activities they choose until 11:10, when they’ll have their weekly music class. 

The music class will help them develop a sense of rhythm and get them interested in exploring the world of music as a group activity. They’ll have fun playing percussion instruments and performing with their classmates. The music class will end at 11:10, and they’ll enjoy free time until Circle Time at 11:35.

Circle Time is the way we end every KO class day at Noddy by Elizabeth. The teachers and children sit in a circle and can discuss anything, from an upcoming special trip, something they saw on TV, or a new dish being served for lunch. Circle Time is also where we encourage the children to practise good manners. They raise their hands and wait to be recognised before speaking. They support one another in their conversations and are always polite in any disagreements. 

After Circle Time, the students head home at 11:50 to tell their family about their daily adventures at school.

K1 Daily Schedule

The KI class starts half an hour earlier with table activities at 8:00. This soft start allows the children to greet everyone and prepare themselves for their day at school. At 8:30, there is a school assembly conducted by the administrators and teachers on any topics the students need to know about (parents are notified directly).

At 8:45, Circle Time takes place for the KI class. This is followed by story time, where the children are read a story by their teacher. After story time, there is a general discussion about the daily learning activities, and the teacher can answer any questions about the day’s schedule or activities. 

9:00 is active learning time in the classroom. This is 30 minutes of structured learning that gets young minds in the habit of focusing on specific subjects for a regular period of time. At the end of active learning time, the students are taken outside for half an hour of supervised play time.

By 10:00, most students are getting hungry, so we offer a healthy snack that students can enjoy until 10:20 when it’s back to active learning. This second active learning period may be broken up by specialist lessons involving subjects not included in the regular curriculum.

At 11:30, it’s time for singing and storytelling in the KI classroom. This is often a favourite time of day for many. Percussion instruments may be used to keep time as the children sing their favourite songs, or they may be read an exciting story to end their day at Noddy by Elizabeth. 

At 11:45, the class gathers their belongings and bags and says their goodbyes for the day to their teachers and classmates before leaving for home.

Visit Noddy by Elizabeth

These schedules give you an idea of the educational fun in store for your child when you enrol them in a Noddy by Elizabeth kindergarten class. But to truly appreciate the Noddy experience, please make an appointment to visit our school and tour our classrooms and facilities. We look forward to meeting you.