Enrol Your Child in an International Kindergarten in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, and like all capital cities, it has the greatest concentration of foreign industries, NGOs, embassies and diplomatic missions. The people who staff these organisations come from all over the world and have different beliefs, religions, and cultures. Being based far from home, these expats naturally bring their families with them and set up a new home in Bangkok.

It’s important that children be raised with a sense of respect for everyone in this environment as they grow and develop and start to make friends and explore the world around them. International kindergartens and schools in Bangkok are in high demand with expat families and are usually the first places a child meets someone from another country.

Discover Noddy by Elizabeth

Noddy by Elizabeth is an international nursery and kindergarten in Bangkok that offers a supportive, multicultural experience for children in the Thai community and foreign residents.

Noddy teaches the early years foundation stage (EYFS). EYFS sets standards for the development, learning, and care of children from birth through kindergarten and is the education standard of every school in the UK.

We recognise that children attending school in Bangkok may encounter many other children with different habits and beliefs to their own. For this reason, compassion is essential at Noddy, as this leads to empathy, understanding, and discovering more about the world through the friendships made with classmates. A compassionate child is also more likely to make friends more easily and be supportive of their peers.

Noddy uses the EYFS and the unique, multicultural environment of Bangkok to help instil many social, emotional, intellectual and cognitive skills in children, including:

  • To learn how to share
  • To wait for one’s turn
  • To be aware of other’s feelings
  • To listen to instructions
  • To form friendships

Noddy also helps develop children in the area of physical exercise by introducing them to gymnastics, swimming, and periods of free play. We teach children the importance of basic personal hygiene, such as toilet training, washing one’s hands and eating healthily.

During the school day at Noddy, we help children develop their creativity, fine motor skills, knowledge of the world around them, and cognitive skills by handling toys, exploring arts and crafts, playing simple musical instruments and singing songs, role-playing, dancing, and playing with play-dough.

The children are encouraged to ask questions and articulate their feelings and opinions throughout these activities. We want children to feel safe exploring their physical, intellectual, social and emotional limits.

Facilities at Noddy by Elizabeth

Noddy by Elizabeth is located in the convenient, centrally-located Sathorn area of Bangkok. The spacious grounds of our international nursery school and kindergarten offer plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces for children to explore and exercise safely, under constant supervision. We also have a quiet library building in the garden and a planting shelter where students can learn about flowers and plants.

We have a shaded swimming pool with a nearby shower where children can learn the pleasures of swimming. We have a large, colourful, rubber-surfaced play area with games and playground equipment, and a shaded grass playfield where students can play.

Indoors, our nursery facilities include a light, spacious and airy classroom full of games, toys and books we read to the children. The facilities also include a nursery gym with a padded floor where students can get some exercise, and a sheltered and fenced outdoor playground with slides, seesaws and other equipment children can climb on and explore

Our kindergarten facilities are divided into K0, K1 and K2 classrooms. The classrooms boast art supplies, toys, games, books, a play kitchen, and desks and seating for all our kindergarten students. Noddy also features an assembly hall and an expansive sports gym where students can learn a variety of indoor sports. With a sick bay and a cooking room also available, Noddy offers excellent facilities to nurture the development of young minds and bodies.

Visit Noddy by Elizabeth

We’ll be happy to arrange a tour of our facilities and plan a meeting with our administrators and teachers. Please get in touch with us to arrange a visit to Noddy today.