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Bangkok’s Noddy Nursery and Pre-Schools Teaches the British EYFS Curriculum

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Parents put the utmost importance on their children’s education, especially at the nursery stage, where a child’s brain development is happening at a rapid pace. A child’s development from birth to five years can have a significant impact on their future. It’s also during the pre-school years when a large part of their personality is formed. That’s why a curriculum that focuses on character development is just as important as one that is based on academic performance, as this can have wide-ranging impacts on a child’s development in his later years. 

Learn About Our British International Pre-school in Sathorn

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Pre-school education is every bit as important as a formal education is for older students. Learn about the early years pre-school education your child will receive at Noddy by Elizabeth, a British international pre-school in the Sathorn area of Bangkok.
NODDY was established in 1978 and teaches the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) educational curriculum. Simply put:- the curriculum is designed to prepare children for their future. It emphasises child development in several areas, including basic hygiene, physical fitness, social awareness, fine motor skills, general knowledge of the world around us, and creativity.

Find The Best International Pre-school In Bangkok

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Finding the perfect international pre-school in Bangkok for your child takes time and consideration. First, you have to determine what constitutes a good pre-school for you and your child.  Most of the international schools in the city offer an English language education. Raising your children to be bilingual is a big plus. An English-language education can also[…]