Find The Best International Pre-school In Bangkok

Finding the perfect international pre-school in Bangkok for your child takes time and consideration. First, you have to determine what constitutes a good pre-school for you and your child. 

Most of the international schools in the city offer an English language education. Raising your children to be bilingual is a big plus. An English-language education can also help them get into the world’s top universities and open doors for them when they enter the workforce and decide on a career to pursue. 

You have your choice of American English and British English international schools in Bangkok. Choosing one or the other often means that you’re also choosing to educate your child following the educational standards of either the US or the UK. However, some of the pre-schools in the city follow the popular Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme, regardless of their nationality.

Some of the leading international Pre-schools in Bangkok have adopted a ‘Learn Through Play’ teaching technique which gradually injects learning through a variety of play activities. This technique has proved successful in the UK; children are happy and ready to absorb learning and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Size of the School and Classes

Another thing to consider is the size of the school and its classes. There is a reverse dynamic at work in Bangkok schools, where sometimes the more coveted and famous schools grow too big, and their rankings start to slip. Their classes become too large, and not enough attention is paid to the individual student to preserve the ranking that made them popular in the first place.

You want to choose a school in Bangkok that offers small class sizes and a better student-to-teacher ratio. Olympic-length swimming pools, cutting-edge computer labs, and the finest libraries in the world aren’t as important as quality time spent with your child.

Pre-schools should have ample grounds and spacious, well-equipped classrooms to encourage your child’s social, mental and physical development. But it’s more important to focus on your child’s needs than choose a school based on its facilities.

School Location

Bangkok is a vast metropolis known for its bad traffic and morning and afternoon traffic jams. Choosing a school far from your home may not be the best thing for the child or the parents. Attending recitals, sporting events and school plays can all quickly become an issue with unpredictable traffic and long travel times.

Choosing a school in the centre of the city or near your home gives you lots of public transportation options if you need to reach the school at a certain time for an event or in an emergency.  

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School History and Reputation

Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to the quality of international schools in Bangkok. Some of the smaller schools in the city have remained small because it allows the staff to devote more time to the individual students.

A school that’s been offering an international education in Bangkok for many years without increasing in size is a school worth looking into. They develop a reputation for offering a superior education while maintaining their standards by limiting the number of students they educate. The quality of the education is the only thing that matters for these schools.

School Fees

School fees can vary quite a bit between schools. Generally, the larger the student body and the more facilities a school offers, the higher the school fees. The ranking of schools also plays a part in the fees they can charge. A high-ranking school that almost guarantees placement in the world’s top universities can charge a lot for admission. 

However, this is something that parents looking for the right pre-school for their child shouldn’t worry about at the present time. Your immediate concerns should be more focused on the current needs of your child.

Philosophy and Approach of Teachers and Staff

Getting the right pre-school education for your child can be crucial in ensuring they stay engaged and happy throughout their years of education. Finding teachers and staff that prioritise your child’s comfort and happiness is extremely important. 

You want to find staff that aren’t just teaching to maintain a school’s ranking but rather for the benefit of the individual child. The approach of the pre-school should be on the development of the children. Ensuring their happiness and comfort while learning and developing should be the goal of every pre-school and kindergarten. This approach should not be only practised by the main teacher in the classroom. It should be the driving philosophy of the entire school, from the administrators to the teaching assistants.

Most parents looking for a Pre-school have limited experience in raising up their children and surely have many concerns about how their children are keeping up at school, so it is very vital that the school provides adequate consultancy for parents by teachers who are very approachable.

End Your Search Early – Start with Noddy by Elizabeth

Your search for the ideal British international pre-school in Bangkok might just be over! Noddy by Elizabeth is a pre-school and kindergarten in the Sathorn area of Bangkok, right in the centre of town and close to Bangkok’s two public rapid transit rail systems. The school has been offering a high-quality EYFS education to children since 1978. The school has about 70 students and an attractive student-to-teacher ratio that it’s been able to maintain for 43 years. This is a purpose-built school that’s been able to successfully fulfil its purpose for generations. 

We have spacious grounds and many well-equipped classrooms that allow for the development of the social, personal, emotional, and physical skills of the children. This development is the core of the EYFS philosophy and has ensured the popularity of the school for many years.

Call us to arrange a visit and meet the Noddy by Elizabeth team at (66)2671-0836. Or send an email to:, or contact us via our Facebook page at noddyplaygroup. We’re located at 35/2 Soi Yen Akart 2/3, Yen Akart Road, Chong Nonsi, Yannawa District, Bangkok 10120. We look forward to meeting you.