Discover 10 Playground Games for Young Children

Everyone fondly remembers break time during their school years and the fun they had participating in their favourite children’s playground games. These games are still played at schools around the globe, and they help develop children’s strength, coordination, balance and many social and behavioural skills. They’re encouraged by schools as a fun way of providing your child with an education that encompasses both the body and mind.

At international playgroups in Bangkok, children often come from many different countries. The more universal and well-known a playground game is, the more comfortable a child may be joining in and playing it. Encouraging the children to join in and participate in playground games they’re familiar with, can build their confidence and help them develop friendships with the other children.

We’ve listed ten playground games that are known, loved and played by children around the globe. These playground games require very little equipment and are safe for young children to play under adult supervision. For most of the games on the list, the only thing required is a large, open space.


Fun Playground Games for Children

1. Relay Races

Children form teams and take turns running to a designated point, passing a baton. The baton can be a ball, a plush toy, or a stick. Anything able to be held comfortably in one small hand will work. The races foster teamwork, coordination, and healthy competition.

2. Long Rope Skipping

Children jump over a long rope swung by two others. They’re taught songs to sing or chants that establish a rhythm to the rope swinging and help the jumper know when to jump. This classic game enhances cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and timing skills.

3. Clapping Games

Universal and engaging rhythmic hand-clapping games enhance children’s motor skills, rhythm awareness, and social interaction. You can even create custom clapping games; the children will love participating in something familiar and personal.

4. Duck, Duck, Goose

This is a circle-based game where one child walks around, tapping others’ heads, saying “duck”, then taps one person’s head and shouts “goose!” and runs around the circle. The one chosen as the goose must chase the other one and catch them before they return to the “goose’s” spot. The game promotes agility and social interaction.

5. Simon Says

Players follow commands to advance a number of steps only if preceded by “Simon says”. Children moving without hearing the words “Simon says” must go back to the beginning. The game improves listening skills, concentration, and the ability to follow instructions.

6. Hopscotch

In this well-known game, a grid is drawn and numbered, and players hop through it in numerical sequence, tossing a marker (a rock, beanbag, or toy) on one of the squares ahead of them. When they get close to the marker, they must balance on one foot and pick it up. The game develops balance, coordination, and counting skills.

7. Tunnel Tag

In this twist on tag, players freeze with their legs spread open when tagged by the player designated as “it”. A non-it player can un-freeze a player by crawling through their legs. The goal is to freeze all the players. The game develops agility, teamwork, and spatial awareness.

8. Leapfrog Races

Children take turns crouching while others jump over them in a line, which is added to by already jumped-over players. It enhances leg strength, coordination, and social interaction.

9. Sardines

This is a reverse hide-and-seek game in which one child hides, and the others hunt for them. When they find them, they join them one by one. The game cultivates patience, cooperation, and spatial awareness.

10. Red Light, Green Light

Children stand in a line and move forward on “green light” but freeze on “red light”. If a player is still moving after “red light” is called, they must return to the starting line. This game enhances listening skills, self-control, and responsiveness.

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