The Importance of the Early Years in Child Development

The early years are one of the most crucial stages in child development because they set the foundation for the children’s health and well-being as they grow up.

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The early years can significantly impact their emotional, social, and physical development throughout childhood and all the way up to adulthood.
The time from birth to the age of 5 is when rapid brain development occurs, so it’s vital that children are provided with enough opportunities, the right guidance, and the proper environment to enable them to reach their full potential.

Learning in the Early Years

The key aspects of early childhood development that need to be met are physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. In infancy, children’s needs are usually met by primary caregivers in home settings to reach their developmental milestones. During preschool age, the school plays an important role; hence, choosing the right early years school in Bangkok is important.

Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup is a pioneering British international preschool in Bangkok with extensive experience in early childhood education since 1978. Noddy follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, focusing on the 7 areas of learning. The three prime areas are: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. The four specific areas are: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design. Our classes are conducted in English, so children will be exposed to and learn to engage in the English language.

Recognising the benefits of play in child development, learning at Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup is primarily child-centred and play-based. Our approach allows children to experience things based on their interests, while teachers observe students and provide them with age-appropriate activities that will enable them to explore, be curious and creative, and learn naturally along the way. The free-flow-play method allows children to enjoy learning through activities that broaden their imagination, teach them to respect and collaborate with others, and build their self-confidence.

Supporting Your Child’s Development Stages

Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup’s teachers and caregivers are experienced in addressing the developmental needs of the children in our care. We maintain small class sizes to ensure that each child is given adequate attention and support. Our teachers closely observe the children’s learning styles, interests, and behaviours in order to provide professional and caring guidance for optimal learning. Moreover, our teachers keep regular communication with parents either as a class or as individuals.

Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup provides opportunities for preschoolers to achieve developmental milestones, which include cognitive and physical skills such as naming colours, using safety scissors, catching a ball, hopping on one foot, singing a song, and remembering a story. Through our classes and daily activities, our children learn social skills such as listening, waiting their turn, and expressing their feelings. They also learn various life skills while having fun with those activities, such as problem solving, decision making, creative thinking, communication, interpersonal relationship, self awareness building, empathy, coping with stress and emotions.

Young children are also encouraged to build their independence by carrying out personal hygiene tasks such as washing hands and dressing themselves, as well as activities that develop their gross and fine motor skills.


Early Years with Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup

Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup has decades of experience helping young children flourish in a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment where they’re given ample opportunities to learn, grow, and have healthy, positive relationships. Our graduates are enthusiastic learners who have a love of learning, which they take with them as they move on to various prestigious schools in Bangkok or overseas.
As child development supporters, Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup provides gentle guidance to parents and primary caregivers and highly encourages their active participation in their children’s learning journey. We believe that our teaching staff, along with parents and caregivers, need to work hand in hand in helping children grow happily and achieve their developmental milestones.

Build a strong foundation for your child’s future with Noddy by Elizabeth Playgroup. Welcome to experience our learning environment by contacting our admissions team to book a school visit.