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Choose a Top International Nursery in Bangkok For Your Child

Noddy By Elizabeth stands out as a premier international nursery in Bangkok, offering expat parents a strong eductional foundation for their children's future.

Enrol Your Child in an International Kindergarten in Bangkok

Expat families in Bangkok value international kindergartens for promoting respect and cross-cultural friendships among diverse children.

Noddy by Elizabeth’s International Pre-school Fees

Find out about Noddy by Elizabeth’s international pre-school fees and the benefits of an English-curriculum early years education for your child.

Tips to Help Children Overcome Learning Loss After COVID

The pandemic has affected everyone, especially our children. Learn what you can do to help them overcome their learning loss after COVID.

Why Small Class Sizes Matter

Get your child ahead of the learning curve at school and set them up for success. Discover the benefits of small class sizes at Noddy by Elizabeth, Bangkok.

School Calendar For Academic Year 2023/24

We have marked out important dates for the upcoming academic year 2023/24, for you to plan your holidays!

Preparing for Kindergarten: A Guide For Parents in Bangkok

Is your child ready to start their educational journey at an international kindergarten in Bangkok? Here’s everything you need to know.

Kids Learn Compassion at Our International Playgroup

This holiday season, children will learn compassion at our international school in Sathorn as we donate Christmas gifts to charities.

A Day of Fun at Our International Kindergarten in Bangkok

Discover a typical day of fun at Noddy by Elizabeth’s international kindergarten class in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Noddy Nursery and Pre-Schools Teaches the British EYFS Curriculum

Parents put the utmost importance on their children’s education, especially at the nursery stage, where a child’s brain development is happening at a rapid pace.

Learn About Our British International Pre-school in Sathorn

Learn how our British international pre-school in Sathorn can prepare your children for their formal education and help them look forward to the experience.

Find the Best International Pre-school in Bangkok

Finding the perfect international pre-school in Bangkok for your child takes time and consideration.

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